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The Barricade

Six temporary wooden spaces: A bar, a lecture room, a stage, two exhibition spaces and a book storage space.


The Barricade (De Barricade) (happening)
Happening — Concept: Maud Vande Veire, Emmanuel Depoorter / Participants: Pieter Bauters, Robin Vermeersch, Thomas Crombez, Calyps 07, Thomas Kilpper / Date: 18 November 2004 
Film — Duration: 3 min 9 sec / Format: standard video / Year: 2004
Publication —  Available on: / Concept: Emmanuel Depoorter, Maud Vande Veire / Design: Maud Vande Veire / Dimensions: 14,5 x 19,5 cm / Pages: 28 / Print: digital print / Publisher: University Ghent / Edition: 70 / Year: 2004
(images above: The Barricade, film excerpt, 2004)

The Barricade
was an event to mark the presentation of Non-Centered Fold / American Wrestling, a book with drawings by Emmanuel Depoorter and a text by Erwin Wittevrongel, published by the University of Ghent.
The location of the happening was an unused student restaurant called The Barricade. We built six wooden volumes, one of which served as the display for the book. Together with befriended artists, musicians, theorists and university staff we turned the other volumes into a lecture room/cinema, a bar, a stage and two exhibition spaces.

The Barricade, invitation (fig.1) / 2004

We announced the event on the back of the envelope with an invitation for an exhibition opening on the same evening in the same building.

The Barricade, publication (fig.2)


• Book display
The book display was the first volume near the entrance and the smallest one in the space. On the floor was a wooden replica of a cardboard box filled with copies of the book.

• Exhibition spaces
Robin Vermeersch and Pieter Bauters made two separate installations in which they played in a sculptural way with the boundaries of the volume.

• Stage
Calyps 07, a marching drum band from Ghent, performed a self-composed percussion piece.

• Lecture room / Cinema
This was the only volume that featured a roof. In front of the open volume we placed a number of wooden benches.
Thomas Crombez gave the lecture Welcome in the theater of my den, a lecture about the restricted and ornamental role of art at Flemish universities. The lecture was followed by the projection of Al Hissan, a documentary by Thomas Killper about a workshop with a group of Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

• Bar
By adding a counter and making small tables and stools we turned this volume into a fully functional bar.


The Barricade, film excerpt / 2004