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Self-rebuses (reliefs)

Wooden reliefs based on the artist book, Self-rebuses.


Self-rebuses (reliefs)
Dimensions: 45 X 45 cm, 125 x 165 cm / Materials: mixed media / Year: 2011
(image above: exhibition view Printroom, Rotterdam, NL) (fig.1)

Series of small and large Self-rebuses reliefs:

Self-rebuses (reliefs) / 45 x 45 cm (16 works) / 2011

Self-rebuses (reliefs) / 125 x 165 cm (2 works) / 2011 (fig.2)

a. Early relief, 2010

a. Couple I (relief), 2011
Self-rebuses, a world inhabited by only one soul, can be a very dull and lonely place. The desire to meet and engage with others eventually forced this soul to leave Self-rebuses behind, inventing a more populated world.

b. Couple II (relief), 2011