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Professor Sunflower

A tryptich made up of a lamp, a poster and a sculpture.


Professor Sunflower (installation)
Lamp — Dimensions: diameter 90 cm  / Materials: mixed media / Year: 2006
Poster — Dimensions:  47 x 66 cm / Print: silkscreen print / Year: 2005
Sculpture — Dimensions: diameter 150 cm  / Materials: mixed media / Year: 2005

When I asked Professor Sunflower if he would like to see my sculpture, he said: “Your what?”. I said “My sculpture!”. “Your… pture?”. “Ahh…, you mean your poster!”.
When I asked him if he liked my poster, he murmured, looked around the room, skipped the poster on the wall and focussed on the light bulb hanging from the ceiling, he said: “No, I don’t like your pendant; and how dare you ask me to spent my valuable time on such a futility. A genius mind has other things to do but comment on a naked light bulb.” And off he went.

Individual parts of the installation:

Professor Sunflower, individual parts / 2005-2006