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Inversely Proportional

A sculptural presentation and interpretation of an artist’s portfolio.

Inversely Proportional (installation)
Dimensions: 300 x 244 x 300 cm / Materials: mixed media / Year: 2004
(images above: exhibition view Gele Zaal, Ghent, BE) (fig.1)

When I graduated, I was one of several laureates to receive a well-known Belgian prize for art students. For the laureate exhibition I built a rough wooden volume. This volume was placed at a distance of half a meter from one of the corners of the exhibition space.

Inversely Proportional, installation details / 2004

My portfolio, a closed cardboard box and a cardboard tube (together containing a book, posters, a videotape and a multiple) was placed in the corner of the volume.
Between the sides of the volume and the walls of the exhibition space were wooden shelves on which I’d placed a large number of works that were reproduced in my portfolio.


ip01Inversely Proportional, content cardboard box (portfolio) / 2004


• Book:
(with a selection of images of artworks and sketches)


• Map (fig.2):
(connecting images of artworks and sketches)

• Posters (fig.3)
(drawings original size)

• Video:
(slideshow of works)


Inversely Proportional, film excerpt / 2004