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At Homework

Artist book with old family pictures relating to new pictures of sculptures, both taken at the same location.


At Homework (Thuiswerk) (artist book)
Book available on / Art, concept, design: Maud Vande Veire / Dimensions: 19 x 26 cm / Pages: 60 / Print: digital print / Publisher: From Me To You Publications / First Edition: 50 / Year: 2009
(image above: At Homework, cover / 2009) (fig.1)

At Homework, artist book / 2009 (fig.2)


All pictures in this book were made between 1978 and 2001 in my childhood home located in Blankenberge (Bakkerstraat 31).
In the book old family pictures are related to pictures of spacial contractions which I made in this house in the summer of 2001 (fig.3).


At Homework, family photos and slides / various dates (fig.4)
At Homework, photos of sculptures / 2003  


At Homework, layout drafts and variations / 2009 


a. At Homework box, 2009
A wooden box created to display and sell the publication At Homework at an exhibition of Voorkamer (Lier, BE).

b. At Homework box2009

c. Models for a presentation of At Homework, 2009
Preliminary models for a presentation of the publication At Homework (not executed). Each tabletop consists of an enlarged copy of a double page of the book. Some of the images on the pages are replaced by real objects.

d. Model for a presentation of At Homework, 2009

a. At Homework in process, 2009
During the summer of 2002 I worked in the house were I lived as a child. I created a lot of sculptures, some of which would become main characters in the pictures I made for the publication At Homework.

bAt Homework in process, 2009